CASE STUDY: COLORBOND Roof Replacement in Brighton

Ever wondered what it looks like from above when you have your new roof installed?

This video shows the before and after of a new roof installed by Brad and the B Anderson Roofing team for our client in Brighton.




Roof in COLORBOND® Basalt
Gutters in COLORBOND® Surfmist
Downpipes in COLORBOND® Surfmist

This colour combination was chosen to compliment the exterior of their home.


About this project.

The installation of solar panels is also the perfect time to replace your roof.

And that’s exactly what our client did on this job in Brighton. Their roof was performing well, but it was old, faded and tired. It also lacked insulation and had some moss build up for good measure.

We started with a full consultation, advising our client about what to expect during the installation, making a plan for how we would liaise with their solar installation company and helping them to select the perfect COLORBOND roofing colour (as seen on The Block).

Along with a new COLORBOND roof, we installed gutter guard protection, removing the need for that dreaded yearly gutter clean.

 The job got started shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in Victoria and we went into Stage 3 lockdown. Our clients were working from home, had a student completing their VCE and a special needs family member who was high risk, so they were understandably worried about both noise and the spread of the virus.

Great communication, planning and project management enabled us to work to strict physical distancing guidelines and ensure that disruption was kept to a minimum.

The result was a stress-free roof replacement that added a wonderful new aesthetic to their home and laid the perfect foundation for their solar panels.