Body Corporate Roofing, Maintenance & Repair Service

Anything and everything to do with your roof, is our business.

We’ll hit the ceiling before your tenants do, repairing the roof without your tenants even noticing we’re there.

We’ll happily be the middle man, coordinating between tenants, landlords, and agents, ensuring everything from traffic management, anchor point installation, colour consultation, reinstallation of tv antenna’s, and a quality roof over your asset. In record time, reliably.

We arrange tailored maintenance programs and safety checks, with a guarantee on the workmanship.

Speaking of workman, meet Brad.

His passion for metal roofing began 30 years ago when he maintained the roof for St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne. He lovingly maintained every detail, right down to the Gargoyles. Fun fact: those Gargoyles are more than just an ugly face. They act as the Cathedral’s draining system for rain overflow. Did we mention we’re obsessed with roofing?

With diverse experience, and over 30 years in the industry, B. Anderson Roofing is the professional partner you want on your team to foster a five start body corporate service.

For a family owned and operated business, we’re pretty tech savvy, using the latest software to coordinate jobs, there’ll never be a miscommunication between the office and the site.

We take pride in our work so you can take pride in your asset.

We understand it’s your job to manage the very important asset of your building, and the tenants and landlords that make up the community. By partnering with B. Anderson Roofing, you can hand over the maintenance of the roofing, which gets you back to maximising asset value, and effectively managing finances.

Be in control, foster community spirit, and be the best body corporate buildings can buy.

Let it be our job to proactively assist you in the maintenance of your asset, and it’s roofing. We’ll repair roofs before they rot, and well before roof materials have degraded, by using our up to date technology and our programmed maintenance checks.

Let us help you save time and avoid costly errors by having a reliable, friendly, and experienced roofing expert in your back pocket.

We’ll complete all jobs surrounding your roofing needs including: roof installation, roof replacements, anchor point installations, skylight installation, major repairs and maintenance.

Your tenants and landlords want to feel safe, secure and proud of their abode. With a working TV connection, of course!

Together we can raise the roof on your property management portfolio.

Call us to have a chat about how we can help you become the best in body corporate services in Melbourne.

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