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Roofing contractor extraordinaire
(Or so he’s been told!)


Why do Brad Anderson’s customers (almost) always refer him to their friends? Well, although he doesn’t like to crow about it, as a roof contractor – he’s a craftsman.

He works with his clients closely, creating the look they want for the price they need, in the time they have to get it done.

So if you want to replace your metal roof and are thinking about Colorbond roofing or metal reroofing, we’d love to speak to you.


It’s friendly, honest metal roofing in Melbourne


The B Anderson Roofing team ensure you’re never without a roof over your head; an attractive, safe and efficient roof at that!

As well as professional metal roof repair and installationfascia and guttering, our service includes:


  • One point of contact throughout the project
  • Cost efficiency
  • Energy efficient, lasting finish
  • Fantastic looking results
  • Minimum disruption to your life
  • Punctual, friendly team
  • Your safety and security


Not forgetting the three-stage guarantee we offer on our workmanship and materials.


  1. For roofing works valued over $750, you’ll get a Plumbing Industry  Commission Certificate of Compliance.
  2. The Colorbond steel we use comes with a 30-year manufacturer’s guarantee from BlueScope Steel.
  3. And for extra peace of mind, you’re protected by our public liability insurance.


It all adds up to hassle-free metal roof repair or installation.

So if you’re looking for a roofing contractor who specialises in extensive metal roof repair or metal roof installation, and you’re thinking about Colorbond metal roofing, let us turn your house into a home your neighbours will be envious of!


Contact B Anderson Roofing or call Brad, your specialist roofing contractor in Melbourne, direct on 0418 394 875 to see how he can transform your home.

We know how important customer service is when you’ve got a list of other things you’d prefer to be doing. As respected Melbourne roofing contractors, we always return your calls, follow instructions, and deliver on our promises.

If fascia and guttering are letting down your look, or worse, letting water in, Brad is a qualified roof plumber who can sort out leaks quick-smart.


Email B Anderson Roofing or feel free to call Brad your specialist roofing contractor direct on 0418 394 875 to see how he can transform your home.

Speak to us about your next project


Our team will get your questions answered as soon as possible.

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