CASE STUDY: New Roof Installation Hampton

Our client brought us onto this new build of two large units in Hampton to install COLORBOND® Roofing along with 10 skylights.


Roof in COLORBOND® Corrugated Steel in Monument

With Velux Skylights


About this project.

Communication was critical on this project for our client in Hampton.

Working with so many Velux Skylights means the roof installation requires many small roofing sheets to be cut into different shapes to create a beautiful finish. Our team worked together to ensure that all materials were used to their fullest potential, with minimum wastage and excess cost to the client.

It also required some ingenuity with getting the COLORBOND® sheets onto the roof. As the sheets were smaller, and the roof was on the second storey, we had to create a chain of people on each level to pass up the roofing sheets.

This project was completed during the COVID construction shutdown in Victoria, where rules changed rapidly around vaccination status and rural employees entering the Melbourne Metropolitan area in order to work. We had to be able to pivot and adopt new practices and safety protocols overnight, in order to keep the project running.

The result was a project that was completed on time and with precision, even with the installation of the 10 skylights. The new COLORBOND® roof added the finishing touch to the client’s home, while also ensuring it honoured the look and feel of the surrounding environment and houses.