CASE STUDY: COLORBOND® Heritage Home Roof Installation in Surrey Hills

Heritage listed homes require an extra special touch to be able to blend the old and the new in a way that pays homage to the style of the original home.

On this project, we helped our clients achieve their vision and retain the integrity of the Victorian façade.



Roof in COLORBOND® MATT in Monument

We used a Nailstrip Profile for the walls that carried through to the roof to give the home a modern and simple look.


About this project.

The owners of this beautiful heritage-listed home in Surrey Hills bought it with the view to renovate and extend.

Architects Tecture and Architectural Designer Studio Petra were behind the design and construction of the home.

With a clear vision of what they wanted the finished home to look like, the owners seamlessly blended old and new, while adding a sleek, architectural extension that would allow the home to be used by a modern family.

Keeping the traditional slate roof on the main residence, they chose COLORBOND® MATT metal finishes mixed with brick to give an exceptional and beautiful finish.

B Anderson Roofing worked to connect the new roof on the extension to the old roof at the front of the house.

The owners were delighted with the outcome. It’s always a pleasure to work with an incredible team on such a beautiful heritage home.